Cruyff's defining characteristic was his infinite awareness of the ebb and flow of a game and knowing how to control it. Thus when Cruyff talked, people listened... to the greatest 'Sage' the game ever had and the reference point for intellectual debate regarding the beautiful game. 'Pythagoras in Boots' is a group of Cruyffian disciples who will seek to provide sophisticated topical, tactical and classical football analysis of the salient players, games and issues across the International and European domestic football scene.



Carefully selected pieces of our best recent work... take your pick between timeless classical features which delve into the annals of the beautiful game, analysing the greatest footballers, matches and tournaments of all time or forensic tactical analysis of the current crop of football teams, managers or players. If neither appeals, perhaps a fierce debate on some of the most pressing issues of the beautiful game is more your cup of tea.